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Giant Wire Frame Star

Our First Wire Frame.

giantwireframe_small.jpg giantstarwrappedinlights_small.jpg giantstarcenter_small.jpg
giantstarcloseup_small.jpg giantstarlitupinside_small.jpg giantstarlitupinside02_small.jpg
giantstarlitupinside03_small.jpg giantstarlitupoutside_small.jpg giantstarinallitsglory_small.jpg

This wire frame was our first wire frame ever and was purchased from Christmas-LEDs.com. The quality is absolutely fantastic and the folks over at Christmas-LEDs.com are very friendly.

We will be buying more wire frames from them... that is for sure.

The whole wrapping process lasted about 4 hours and was spread out over two evenings. The Giant Star has about 275 lights individually zip tied onto it and another 25 lights tucked behind the center of the star.

NOTE: (Aug 27) We just received another Giant Star. These will be perfect fillers for a couple areas on the front of our house. Can you say "hooked"?!?!

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