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Christmas 2011 Nighttime

Our 2011 Christmas Light Display. There are ~50,000 lights dancing to up to 12 songs controlled by Light-O-Rama equipment. The lights are on weeknights 7pm to 9:30pm and weekends 7:00pm to 10:30pm thru December 31st.

dscf0321_small.jpg dscf0322_small.jpg dscf0323_small.jpg dscf0324_small.jpg dscf0325_small.jpg
dscf0328_small.jpg dscf0329_small.jpg dscf0330_small.jpg dscf0331_small.jpg dscf0332_small.jpg
dscf0333_small.jpg dscf0334_small.jpg dscf0335_small.jpg dscf0336_small.jpg dscf0337_small.jpg
dscf0338_small.jpg dscf0339_small.jpg dscf0340_small.jpg dscf0341_small.jpg dscf0342_small.jpg
dscf0343_small.jpg dscf0344_small.jpg dscf0345_small.jpg dscf0346_small.jpg dscf0347_small.jpg

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